Baltimore Temperature Records: Top-10 Warmest and Coldest Months and Years

Baltimore Temperature Records: Top-10 Warmest and Coldest Months and Years


Please click the link above for a larger, sharper image of the data. 

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5 thoughts on “Baltimore Temperature Records: Top-10 Warmest and Coldest Months and Years

  1. Great addition to the Maryland Climate and Weather Blog. Are you going to do rainfall and snowfall next by chance? That would also be very interesting to see. Thanks again for compiling this list and posting it here! Kevin

  2. Hi Kevin, I am not unerstaning the Weathertogether System.I was able to make a post, but I am unsure how to send pictures with a post, I am at a loss in creating a biogaphy page. I think Nathan said that he was working on the how to make the post instructions a little more clear. Nice to hear from you.

    1. Hi Leon, this is Jeff Taylor. You posted your message to Kevin on my blog (“Maryland Climate and Weather”), not on Kevin’s blog “”. He has replied to my blog but probably won’t read your message to him there.

      Hoping that, with assistance, you can navigate the website successfully.

      As far as sending a bio, please send it to the owner of Weathertogether, Charlie Phillips, at He will then add it to the website as the administrator, then add your location to the Blog Map.

      For adding a photo to a post, scroll down on the right side all the way to the bottom, under “Featured Image” click the link, “Set Featured Image” – this allows you to upload a pic.

    2. Leon,
      I hope you are finding your way around weather together. Jeff Taylor is my long-time friend for over 30 years who got me to join this blog here at I will be looking at your future blog posts and seeing if you are able to post pictures on it. Nathan can answer all your technical questions most likely and it working on tutorials I believe for accomplishing what you have been trying to do. Try to fashion your bio after the ones that already are published on the “Our Contributors” page. You must send your bio to Charlie and he will get your bio published in the correct location and also add your location to the bloggers map elsewhere on the site. Email Charlie at Chat with Nathan on FB or here on weathertogether chat on further questions. Thanks, I look forward to seeing your contributions in the coming days. Kevin

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